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The National German Center for Health Information asked us to help make
children understand the importance of regular teeth brushing and encourage
them to get into the habit of regular brushing.

Instead of millions of brochures which teach children how they brush their teeth, we decided to
show kids that teeth brushing can be fun: with Toothbrush Games.  An app that can be easily
installed on a tablet computer.
The game reacts to the sound of brushing your teeth. The child is instantly transported into the
role of a firefighter who extinguishes fires with the foam created by brushing. If the child stops
brushing, the game stops.
There are two fun games to play.  And to add to the fun, more games will be released periodically.

Many children don’t learn to brush their teeth through boring education, they learn through having
fun. And the National German Center for Health Information saved hundred of thousands of euros
which they usually spend on educational brochures.